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ESafety News from SWGfL and UK Safer Internet Centre

So, day 3 of the my new role as Training Officer and I am learning lots of new things! Everyone has been very patient with all my questions and I feel very welcomed to the team! One of things I hope to bring to this role is an e-Safety aspect from my work at the UK Safer Internet Centre. There are 2 main things for the new term that are important to note: Ofsted and the new Teacher’s Standards document. Here at SWGfL and The UK Safer Internet Centre we were fortunate enough early this year to be asked to assist in helping to shape and advise on the new Ofsted guidelines. Details can be found here:

The new Teacher’s Standards document also takes effect from the start of the new term. Within Part 2, Personal and Professional Conduct, it is well worth considering the online and e-Safety implications.

In other news, we are currenlty in the process of planning an exciting Blogging competition in association with Switched On ICT. Watch this space!


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