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The SW Teacher Network, a must for all teachers based in the South West

So we had our first SWTN meeting at St James in Exeter this week… A real success and a huge thank you to all those that attended and contributed. The session was the first of it’s kind –  A big thank you to Stuart Ball from Microsoft Partners In Learning (Stuart Ball @innovativeteach) who presented and showed us a range of really cool resources and learning materials. You can sign up to the Partners in Learning at

Dreamspark – development toolkit

Yammer – free social network for education

Photosynth – create 3D

Community Clips – screen casting software

Microsoft Tag – download App at

Autocollage – collage maker (download as part of learning suite)

Songsmith – music creator (download as part of learning suite)

Kodu – (part of the learning suite) more resources at

Tour the solar system, create an advert for space travel – can be produced into 3D

Mouse Mischief – connect 25 mice to 1 PC (download as part of learning suite)

I’m really looking forward to using Autocollage – A great way to display photos and images. Look out for ways in which we will be using this software at SWGfL via our website.

We also looked at a range of SWGfL news:

Latest SWGfL info:

 Digital literacy curriculum

Esafety parents sessions

Esafety Live briefings

Early Years Toolkit

Free SSL Certficates – just let us know what you need –

360 self review tool –

Online Compass –

Audio Network –   (+30000 production level music tracks available copy right free)

J2e – available to all schools throughout the SW –

A whole host of learning content and tools available via the National Education Network – (select view more resources)

So, a  busy session! The next one is next week in Bristol. If you would like to join the SWTN, follow us on Twitter @SWTeachNet or visit

Any questions, feel free to contact me!



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