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Brand New Competitions, Blogging News and PiL Camp

It’s been a busy few weeks here at @swgflofficial. Last week we welcomed Microsoft Partners in Learning for our Camp here at the SWGfL offices. We had a really good mix of Primary, Secondary and also Technicians to learn about a range of learning tools from Microsoft. They were all members of the SW Teacher Network. It’s free to join if you’re a teacher in the South West and provides great opportunities for both networking and free CPD. If you’re interested in joining, you can see more details here

We’re also running some awesome competitions this term. The Ben Metcalfe Award for Progress in Technology has now launched. This new Award is for young people who have shown self-motivation, hard work and who have strived to achieve their best. They may have overcome a range of
challenges and have the self-awareness to recognise weakness and abilities in themselves, plus the desire to learn and great initiative.

They will be great users of new technologies, using them frequently in their work across the curriculum. The winner of the Award will receive £200 for their school and £200 worth of vouchers for themselves plus a trophy.

Full details of this excellent award can be found at

We have also been using j2e a lot this week. Our new ‘SWGfL Central’ site is almost complete, and will allow SWGfL schools that use j2e access to a range of resources and information on blogging. For 10 great reasons why you should blog with your students, see

Our new blogging competition, run in partnership with j2e and Rising Stars, with backing from the FA, Exeter City FC and Exeter Chiefs launches on Monday 5th Nov and is open to all SWGfL schools.

Happy Half Term to those of you enjoying a break!



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