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The Ben Metcalfe Award for Progress in Technology

The South West Grid are proud to announce that nominations are now open for The Ben Metcalfe Award in Technology.

This new Award is for young people who have shown self-motivation, hard work and who have strived to achieve their best. They may have overcome a range of challenges and have the self-awareness to recognise weakness and abilities in themselves, plus the desire to learn and great initiative.

They will be great users of new technologies, using them frequently in their work across the curriculum. The winner of the Award will receive £200 for their school and £200 worth of vouchers for themselves plus a trophy!

Eligibility / Terms and Conditions

  • Young people in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 are eligible to be nominated by their teachers.
  • The teacher will need to submit a Supporting Statement (along with evidence of work) to the South West Grid for Learning at the student
  • Evidence may also include projects done at home for personal interest, such as web design, podcasting etc.
  • Closing date is Friday 7th December
  • The Award will be presented at a location local to the winner, at their school if possible.

Full terms and conditions are available here. If you require any more details, please contact


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